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Configure Controlled Folder Access in Intune

Controlled Folder Access is a Microsoft Defender Exploit Guard feature that is built in to Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, and Windows Server 2019.  Using this feature, you can mitigate ransomware attacks by identifying protected folders and controlling which applications have access to modify the folder and its contents. It is a free, built-in way for […]

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Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 deployment in Intune

Or, LIVING ON THE MICROSOFT EDGE! Following up on Winston’s Edge deployment in MECM posts (Part 1 and Part 2), here is some helpful info to deploy Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 via Intune. Microsoft provides the following information to deploy the Edge browser via Intune: THE MOST IMPORTANT DETAILS: *Requires your endpoints to […]

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Configure This: BitLocker To Go Registry Key

BitLocker Drive Encryption (“BitLocker”) is Microsoft’s encryption software.  It can be used to encrypt OS and other internal drives, as well as Windows Server 2012 and later.  For encrypting removable media, BitLocker To Go is available.  BitLocker is available with Windows 10 Pro, Education and Enterprise editions. Microsoft provides the following selected documentation for BitLocker, […]

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Hey-ooo, ‘SUP!?!

Hi, Tyler here.  IT pro and Microsoft enthusiast.  Do your Microsoft systems and services cause troubles all the time?  Then welcome to CONFIGURE THIS! I’ve been working in IT professionally for only 3 years, working extensively in Enterprise management with Intune, Microsoft 365, and Azure Active Directory.  I’ve also dabbled with VMware and Veeam. I’ve […]