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Bonjour, tous le monde! Hallo, werelde! Hello, world!

Welcome to Configure This! My name is Winston and I was born and raised in Brusels, Belgium. I’ve been in the US since mid-2000, however, so I’m certainly well acclimated to the culture here. 🙂 I began my long IT career in the summer of 1996 working on a joint Belgian-US military installation in Chièvres, Belgium. I did very basic junior admin type things such as reseting passwords, creating accounts in Novell (Yes. Novell. Lol), and managing network shares. Although it was only a summer job, it sparked a lifelong pursuit of all things IT and the neverending quest for knowledge. I developed a deep interest in telephony along the way and spent my teenage years “exploring” the SS7 and CCITT5 networks. While relatively irrelevant for my day to day operations, it taught me to be curious and think outside the box. Throughout my career I have worked as a network engineer, a satellite firmware programmer, a Linux/Windows admin, a data/software architect, and a consultant focusing heavily on Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, System Center Configuration Manager (Now MEMCM) architecture/deployment and Operating Systems Deployment. Currently I am a senior SCCM/MEMCM engineer in the financial industry. Which brings me to my cohort, Tyler. Tyler and I have been working together for over a year during which time I have watched him move up to being a senior systems engineer. We collaborate frequently on various projects, sharing thoughts on scripting, Intune deployment and configuration, Active Directory and SCCM/MEMCM. We decided to come together and share our collective knowledge with the world and hope, too, that you can join us in this voyage of discovery and learning.

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