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Configure This!: MEMCM 2006 Update

Spelled with two D’s for a double dose of that pimpin’

This article is going to walk you through the very simple process of updating your site server to version 2006. As always, caution is advisable during a site update. For the love of dog, please, please back up your site. Take a VM snapshot, a volume shadow service copy, something, anything. You do not want to have to go through the trouble of restoring your site because you didn’t take proper precautions. </end rant>

Here are some handy links to MSFT documentation.

MEMCM 2006 Features (To be highlighted in a future post)

MEMCM 2006 Installation Checklist

To start, navigate to the Administration node and Updates and Servicing. Find the Configuration Manager 2006 update in the list, and select Install Update Pack.

This will then lauch the Configuration Manager Updates Wizard, which will outline the features being installed, client updates options and license terms.

Here you can review the features being installed.

Now you have the option to upgrade the site clients. I, generally, have never had issues upgrading without validating the client. However, your environment may necessitate some further testing and validation. If so, you can validate against a pre-production collection here.

Finally, the lovely and exciting license terms. Click accept and move on, or don’t and I guess you can stop reading here. 🙂


And the summary and completion pages.

To view the status of your site update, navigate to the Monitoring node. Under Updates and Servicing status, you should see the Configuration Manager 2006 Update package name. Right-click on that and select Show Status.

You can continue to monitor the status of your update until it is complete here. If, for some reason, you don’t pass prerequisites checks you can view the failed check step here. Most of the steps will point you to a specific log on your primary site server to review.

In this instance, we did run into an issue with the update. Upgrading the ConfigMgr Database step has detected an issue.

Looking at the log, we can see there is another session blocking the database with a Session ID of 261. Note: The log entry points you to the following URL for help –

    ,case when req.statement_end_offset > 0 then SUBSTRING(convert(nvarchar(max), t.text), req.statement_start_offset/2, (req.statement_end_offset-req.statement_start_offset)/2)
           else NULL end as currentstatement
    from sys.dm_exec_sessions s
    inner join sys.dm_exec_requests req on s.Session_id=req.session_id
    cross apply sys.dm_exec_sql_text(sql_handle) t
OR req.session_id=<Session_ID>

The above SQL query is used to identify the issue. In this case, the MBAM Recovery Key service was writing to the database and blocked access for the SQL database update. Rebooting the server resolved the issue.

That’s it. Hopefully your update goes smoother than mine did! In my next post, I will be highlighting new features to MEMCM 2006.

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