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Hey-ooo, ‘SUP!?!

Hi, Tyler here.  IT pro and Microsoft enthusiast.  Do your Microsoft systems and services cause troubles all the time?  Then welcome to CONFIGURE THIS!

I’ve been working in IT professionally for only 3 years, working extensively in Enterprise management with Intune, Microsoft 365, and Azure Active Directory.  I’ve also dabbled with VMware and Veeam. I’ve worked to parley my Bachelor’s Degree in Emergency and Disaster Management into the tech industry, focusing on business continuity and DRaaS. Working with Winston, I’ve levelled up in PowerShell and MEMCM.

I know, 3 years may not seem like a lot of time, but experiences pro’s should agree that a lot can be learned in that amount of time.  And this is where I’d like to share some of what I’ve learned with the rest of the community.  Google Bing is full of answers, and that may be how you found us.  Or maybe you just like keeping up on emerging Microsoft services and features.  Whatever your experience and interest level, N00b, vet, and everywhere in between, I hope we can offer you some help and knowledge, or at the very least, some system configuration ideas and some snark!

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