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Quick and Dirty Scripting – Add Folder to Quick Access

I recently had a request to create a folder and pin it to the quick access location for a number of users. Rather than hassle creating an instruction set for the users to follow, I put together the following ‘quick and dirty script’ to accomplish the task. I put that together as a Script in […]

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Hey-ooo, ‘SUP!?!

Hi, Tyler here.  IT pro and Microsoft enthusiast.  Do your Microsoft systems and services cause troubles all the time?  Then welcome to CONFIGURE THIS! I’ve been working in IT professionally for only 3 years, working extensively in Enterprise management with Intune, Microsoft 365, and Azure Active Directory.  I’ve also dabbled with VMware and Veeam. I’ve […]

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Bonjour, tous le monde! Hallo, werelde! Hello, world!

Welcome to Configure This! My name is Winston and I was born and raised in Brusels, Belgium. I’ve been in the US since mid-2000, however, so I’m certainly well acclimated to the culture here. 🙂 I began my long IT career in the summer of 1996 working on a joint Belgian-US military installation in Chièvres, […]